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“Good Times. Good Beer.” from Red Lodge, MT.

It's always exciting to try a new beer.  When a beer has an exceptional flavor profile and  balance to it, you really get excited though. It is always nice to have your senses smile before your mouth has a chance to.  That's what happened when we tried Red Lodge Ales beer for the first time.

No matter what style of beer you are in the mood for Red Lodge Ales brews up some fine beers that will satisfy the senses and the soul.  The crew in Red Lodge is all about "Good Times and Good Beer"...what more could you ask for?

Beer Should Make You Smile!

When was the last time you had a beer that brought back a flood of memories and all of them were happy?

For us, there are over a decade of happy memories and good times had while enjoying an Easy Street, 90 Shilling or Cutthroat Porter.  O'Dell Brewing is always crafting great beer and great memories.  From the days of their small little brewery in Ft. Collins, CO through the additions/expansions and into the beautiful brewery they have today, we have enjoyed O'Dell Brewing beers on a number of occasions.  Cheers to the team at O'Dell Brewing and cheers to everyone who enjoys their amazing beer!

Maybe Ben Franklin didn't actually say this but we are sure that beer did make him happy...


What in the “Firkin” heck is coming to Casper?

firkin_pFirst we take these new, shiny vessels of beer love (called a Firkin) and fill them with the freshest beer possible straight from the brewery's brewing line.  Then they are infused with fruit, spices, juices and anything else our creative brewers want.  Over a short period of time the beer transforms into a spectacular version of itself waiting to dazzle your tastebuds and senses.

firkin tapping promo photo_0Next a certain someone in Casper will drive the tap into it with...quite possibly a 1 Iron, hint, hint.  Remains to be seen what they will actually use.  Then it is ready to enjoy by all of you.  You won't want to miss this!

Be sure to follow us to find out more.  We will be releasing the details of this Firkin Awesome evening soon.  In the meantime, have an awesome weekend.

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